Macrothelypteris ornata (Wall. ex Bedd.) Ching

  • Family (Christenhusz et al, 2011) : THELYPTERIDACEAE
  • Family (As per The Plant List) : Thelypteridaceae
  • Species : Macrothelypteris ornata
  • Basionym : Polypodium ornatum Wall. ex Bedd.
  • Species Name (as per The Plant List) : Macrothelypteris ornata (Wall. ex Bedd.) Ching
  • Collection Nos : HFP 402
  • Collector(s) Name : C. J. Saldanha & T.P.Ramamoorthy
  • Key identification features : Rhizome 4 cm thick, densely clothed by uniformly dark brown or yellowish-brown scales. Stipes tufted, swollen at the base, rounded below, grooved above, purple-brown when dry, densely covered by scales all over when young and become verrucose by the persistent bases of scales when mature. Lamina ovate with acuminate apex, tripinnate with about 10 pairs, lanceolate, subopposite, secondary pinnae upto 30 pairs; tertiary pinnae upto 25 pairs; lobes upto eight pairs, oblong, oblique; abaxial side of the primary and secondary rachis verrucose as in the stipe; linear, pale brown, hairy scales sparsely distributed on the abaxial side of costa; pinnae dark green, texture herbaceous. Sori borne on the acrsoscopic and basioscopic veins in the basalmost pair of the lobes bear sori; spores planoconvex or reniform with narrowly winged perispore.
  • Habit : Herb-Terrestrial
  • Native : Himalayas; India; Burma
  • Comments : Occasional in forest undergrowth in upper Ghats.
  • Conservation Status : Not Evaluated (NE)
  • Collection Locality : Hassan
  • Distribution Locality : Hassan
  • Floras referred : Fraser-Jenkins, Taxonomic revision of Indian Subcontinental Pteridophytes 2008; Rajagopal & Bhat, Pteridophytic flora of Karnataka State- 1998; Saldanha & Nicolson, 1976


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