Geranium nepalense Sweet

  • Family : GERANIACEAE
  • Family (As per The Plant List) : Geraniaceae
  • Species : Geranium nepalense
  • Species Name (as per The Plant List) : Geranium nepalense Sweet
  • Common name : Nepal Geranium, Nepalese Crane's-bill
  • Key identification features : Perennial several stemmed, hairy, decumbent herbs with branches rooting at nodes; Leaves opposite, angled, lobed, spreading, pubescent; Petiole long, villous, covered with white hairs; Flowers solitary or binate purple-pinkish; Calyx persistent; Corolla red-purplish; Fruit a ellipsoid, subglobose, lobed capsule which dehisces ventrally ; seed ellipsoid, long, smooth, shiny and black.
  • Habit : Herb
  • Native : Asia
  • Conservation Status : Not Evaluated (NE)
  • Distribution Locality : Uttara Kannada
  • Floras referred : Sharma B.D, 1984 - Flora of Karnataka Analysis

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