Holigarna grahamii (Wight) Kurz

  • Family (As per The Plant List) : Anacardiaceae
  • Species : Holigarna grahamii
  • Species Name (as per The Plant List) : Holigarna grahamii (Wight) Kurz
  • Collection Nos : KFP 5384, CJS 12844
  • Endemism : Western Ghats
  • Key identification features : An large-sized evergreen tree growing up to 16 m. tall with tomentose young branches. Leaves simple and large with obovate-elliptic lamina up to 40cm long and 18cm broad, acuminate at apex, tomentose beneath, with about 22-30 pairs of main nerves. Petiole is up to 4 cm long usually with 2 pairs of spurs. Inflorescence is a panicle with brown pubescence. Flowers are polygamous. Calyx toothed and accrescent. Petals are white and united below and hairy within. Male flowrs with 5 stamens and obscure disk. Ovary is inferior with 3 styles and capitate stigma. Fruit is a drupe.
  • Habit : Tree
  • Native : India
  • Conservation Status : Not Evaluated (NE)
  • Distribution Locality : Belgaum, Chikamagalur, Dakshina Kannada, Hassan, Kodagu, Mysore, Shimoga
  • Floras referred : Saldanha & Nicolson, 1976 - Hassan; Saldanha, 1996; Gowda, 2004 - Sringeri; Keshava Murthy & Yoganarasimhan, 1990 - Coorg


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