Species list of Herbarium JCB

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Acampe orchid, Brittle orchid (Family : ORCHIDACEAE)
Adder's Tongue (Family : OPHIOGLOSSACEAE)
African Calabash, Boaob Tree (Family : BOMBACACEAE)
African Juniper, African Cedar (Family : CUPRESSACEAE)
African Stylo (Family : FABACEAE)
African tulip tree (Family : BIGNONIACEAE)
Agracejo Glory (Family : CONVOLVULACEAE)
Air Plant (Family : CRASSULACEAE)
Ajowan (Family : APIACEAE)
Ajowan herb, Bishop's weed (Family : APIACEAE)
Alexander Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Alexdranian Laurel, Common Poon (Family : CLUSIACEAE)
Alfalfa (Family : FABACEAE)
Aligator Weed (Family : AMARANTHACEAE)
Almovine (Family : CONVOLVULACEAE)
Alyce Clover (Family : FABACEAE)
American Crotalaria (Family : FABACEAE)
American Joint Vetch, Shy leaf (Family : FABACEAE)
American Mint (Family : LAMIACEAE)
American Soft-head (Family : ASTERACEAE)
Andaman Red-Wood (Family : FABACEAE)
Anemone Clematis, Indian Virgin's Bower (Family : RANUNCULACEAE)
Angel's Trumpet, Thorn Apple (Family : SOLANACEAE)
Arabian Jasmine; Tuscan Jasmine (Family : OLEACEAE)
Arabian Tea (Family : CELASTRACEAE)
Arikury Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Arrow-leaf Morning Glory (Family : CONVOLVULACEAE)
Arrowroot (Family : MARANTACEAE)
Artillery Gun Plant (Family : URTICACEAE)
Ash Fleabane (Family : ASTERACEAE)
Ash or White Gourd (Family : CUCURBITACEAE)
Asian Spike Moss (Family : SELAGINELLACEAE)
Asoka, True Asoka, Sita Asoka (Family : FABACEAE)
Asparagus fern (Family : LILIACEAE)
Avocado Tree, Butter fruit Tree (Family : LAURACEAE)
Ayapana Tea (Family : ASTERACEAE)
Babchi seeds plant (Family : FABACEAE)
Babool Acacia, Indian Gum Arabic (Family : FABACEAE)
Baby Jump-up (Family : SCROPHULARIACEAE)
Bachelor's Button (Family : AMARANTHACEAE)
Badminton Ball Tree, Band-stick Tree (Family : FABACEAE)
Bael Tree, Holy Tree (Family : RUTACEAE)
Bale (Family : EBENACEAE)
Ballon Vine, Heart's Pea (Family : SAPINDACEAE)
Bamboo Palm, Golden Cane Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Bamboo Palm, Reed Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Banyan Tree (Family : MORACEAE)
Barbados Cherry (Family : MALPIGHIACEAE)
Barbados Lily (Family : AMARYLLIDACEAE)
Basil (Family : LAMIACEAE)
Bastard Sandalwood Tree of India (Family : ERYTHROXYLACEAE)
Bastard Satin wood (Family : FABACEAE)
Bearded flat Sedge (Family : CYPERACEAE)
Beetle Leaf (Family : PIPERACEAE)
Beetle-nut Palm, Areca-nut Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Bell Pea (Family : FABACEAE)
Belliric Myrobalan (Family : COMBRETACEAE)
Bellyache Bush (Family : EUPHORBIACEAE)
Bengal wild rice (Family : POACEAE)
Benjamin Fig, Java Fig (Family : MORACEAE)
Bilberry (Family : ERICACEAE)
Birds-eye Chilly (Family : SOLANACEAE)
Birdsville Indigo (Family : FABACEAE)
Bishop Wood (Family : EUPHORBIACEAE)
Bismarck Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Bitter Gourd (Family : CUCURBITACEAE)
Black Babool (Family : FABACEAE)
Black Catechu (Family : FABACEAE)
Black Currant Grape Lime (Family : RUTACEAE)
Black Cutch (Family : FABACEAE)
Black Dammer Tree (Family : BURSERACEAE)
Black gram (Family : FABACEAE)
Black Nightshade (Family : SOLANACEAE)
Black Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Black Pepper (Family : PIPERACEAE)
Black Siris (Family : FABACEAE)
Black-eyed Susan Vine (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Blackberry Trifle, Balsam plant (Family : BALSAMINACEAE)
Blackburn Palmetto (Family : ARECACEAE)
Blinding Tree (Family : EUPHORBIACEAE)
Blistering Ammannia (Family : LYTHRACEAE)
Blood Berry, Rouge Plant (Family : PHYTOLACCACEAE)
Blue Barleria (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Blue Latan Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Blue Lotus, Star Water Lily (Family : NYMPHAEACEAE)
Blue Pine (Family : PINACEAE)
Blue Rattle Pod (Family : FABACEAE)
Blue Sonki (Family : ASTERACEAE)
Blue Trumpet Bush (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Bluebell Barleria, Crested Philippine Violet (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Blunt-leaved Gordonia (Family : THEACEAE)
Blunt-Leaved Hogweed (Family : NYCTAGINACEAE)
Blunt-leaved Mistletoe, Oriental Mistletoe (Family : LORANTHACEAE)
Boater Bush (Family : STERCULIACEAE)
Bombay maize (Family : MYRISTICACEAE)
Bonduc nut, Fever nut (Family : FABACEAE)
Bottle Gourd (Family : CUCURBITACEAE)
Bottle Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Bracteated Birthwort (Family : ARISTOLOCHIACEAE)
Bran Plant (Family : TILIACEAE)
Brasiletto climber (Family : FABACEAE)
Bread Fruit Tree (Family : MORACEAE)
Bridal Couch Tree (Family : RUBIACEAE)
Brilliant Gardenia (Family : RUBIACEAE)
Brinja, Eggplant, Aubergine (Family : SOLANACEAE)
Bristly Starbur (Family : ASTERACEAE)
Broad-leaved Sorel (Family : OXALIDACEAE)
Broken bones Tree, Indian Calosanthes (Family : BIGNONIACEAE)
Broom Creeper, Ink Berry (Family : MENISPERMACEAE)
Broom Grass (Family : POACEAE)
Budda Pea (Family : FABACEAE)
Buddha's Coconut (Family : STERCULIACEAE)
Buffalo Cow Itch (Family : FABACEAE)
Bullock's Heart (Family : ANNONACEAE)
Bunya-Bunya (Family : ARAUCARIACEAE)
Burma Iron-wood (Family : FABACEAE)
Burmese Silk Orchid Tree, Yellow Orchid Bauhinia (Family : FABACEAE)
Bush Bean (Family : FABACEAE)
Bustard Rosewood (Family : FABACEAE)
Butterfly Lily (Family : ZINGIBERACEAE)
Butterfly Pea (Family : FABACEAE)
Cactus Vine, Adamant Creeper (Family : VITACEAE)
Caesarweed, Aramina Fibre, Congo Jute (Family : MALVACEAE)
Calappa Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Calico Plant (Family : AMARANTHACEAE)
Calling Card Vine (Family : FABACEAE)
Camel Bush (Family : BORAGINACEAE)
Camel's Thorn, Persian Manna Plant (Family : FABACEAE)
Camphor Tree (Family : LAURACEAE)
Canary Island Date Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Candle Cassia (Family : FABACEAE)
Cannon-ball Tree (Family : LECYTHIDACEAE)
Canscora (Family : GENTIANACEAE)
Cape Jasmine (Family : RUBIACEAE)
Caper Plant (Family : CAPPARACEAE)
Caperbush, Caper, Caperberry (Family : CAPPARACEAE)
Cardamom (Family : ZINGIBERACEAE)
Cardboard Cycad, Mexican Cycad (Family : ZAMIACEAE)
Caribbean trumpet tree (Family : BIGNONIACEAE)
Carolina Day Flower (Family : COMMELINACEAE)
Carpentaria Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Carpet Weed (Family : AIZOACEAE)
Carray Cheddle (Family : RUBIACEAE)
Carribbean Stylo (Family : FABACEAE)
Carry-me-seed (Family : EUPHORBIACEAE)
Cashew-nut Tree (Family : ANACARDIACEAE)
Castor Plant (Family : EUPHORBIACEAE)
Cat Thorn (Family : RHAMNACEAE)
Cat-tail Orchid (Family : ORCHIDACEAE)
Catjang (Family : FABACEAE)
Cavendish Banana, Dwarf Banana (Family : MUSACEAE)
Ceara Rubber Tree (Family : EUPHORBIACEAE)
Century Plant, American Aloe (Family : AGAVACEAE)
Ceylon Capper (Family : CAPPARACEAE)
Ceylon Ebony (Family : EBENACEAE)
Ceylon Gamboge, Indian Gamboge (Family : CLUSIACEAE)
Ceylon Hound's Tongue (Family : BORAGINACEAE)
Ceylon Iron-Wood (Family : CLUSIACEAE)
Ceylon Oak, Macassar-Oil Tree (Family : SAPINDACEAE)
Ceylon oak, Wild Guava, Kumbi Tree (Family : LECYTHIDACEAE)
Ceylon Raspberry (Family : ROSACEAE)
Ceylon Swamp Mellow (Family : MALVACEAE)
Ceylon Teak (Family : CELASTRACEAE)
Chakoola Tree (Family : MELIACEAE)
Champak Tree (Family : MAGNOLIACEAE)
Chebulic Myrobalan (Family : COMBRETACEAE)
Checkered Vanda (Family : ORCHIDACEAE)
Chestnutleaf trumpet-bush (Family : BIGNONIACEAE)
China Berry, Great Neem Tree (Family : MELIACEAE)
Chinese Blackwood (Family : FABACEAE)
Chinese Fan-Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Chinese Glory Bower (Family : VERBENACEAE)
Chinese Wedelia (Family : ASTERACEAE)
Chir Pine (Family : PINACEAE)
Chirita (Family : GENTIANACEAE)
Christ's Thorn, Bengal Currants, Jasmine flowered Carissa (Family : APOCYNACEAE)
Christmas Island Fern (Family : THELYPTERIDACEAE)
Chufa, Rush nut, Tiger nut (Family : CYPERACEAE)
Chunga (Family : SYMPLOCACEAE)
Cindrella weed (Family : ASTERACEAE)
Citron (Family : RUTACEAE)
Clearing nut Tree (Family : LOGANIACEAE)
Climbing Day Flower (Family : COMMELINACEAE)
Climbing Fig (Family : MORACEAE)
Climbing flax (Family : LINACEAE)
Climbing Ylang-Ylang (Family : ANNONACEAE)
Clove Tree (Family : MYRTACEAE)
Cluster Fig, Country Fig, Gular Fig (Family : MORACEAE)
Cluster Flower Mille Grains (Family : RUBIACEAE)
Clustered Fish-Tail Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Clustered hiptage (Family : MALPIGHIACEAE)
Coat Buttons (Family : ASTERACEAE)
Coccum (Family : CLUSIACEAE)
Cocheneal Plant (Family : CACTACEAE)
Cocoa (Family : MALVACEAE)
Coconut Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Coffee Plant, Arabian Coffee Plant (Family : RUBIACEAE)
Coffee Weed, Negro Coffee, Stinking weed (Family : FABACEAE)
Cohuene Palm, American Oil Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Colocynth; Indian Wild Gourd (Family : CUCURBITACEAE)
Column Cactus, Hedge Cactus (Family : CACTACEAE)
Common Burbush (Family : TILIACEAE)
Common Chaste, Five-leaved Chaste Tree (Family : VERBENACEAE)
Common Dandelion (Family : ASTERACEAE)
Common Dodder (Family : CONVOLVULACEAE)
Common Duckweed (Family : LEMNACEAE)
Common floss flower (Family : ASTERACEAE)
Common Fox-Tail Orchid (Family : ORCHIDACEAE)
Common Hedge Bower, Glory Bower (Family : VERBENACEAE)
Common Hogweed, Spreading Hogweed, Pigweed (Family : NYCTAGINACEAE)
Common Indian Nightshade, Poison Berry (Family : SOLANACEAE)
Common Indigo, Indian Indigo (Family : FABACEAE)
Common Jujube, Indian Jujube (Family : RHAMNACEAE)
Common Leucas, Thumbe (Family : LAMIACEAE)
Common Mallow (Family : MALVACEAE)
Common Marsh Buckwheat (Family : POLYGONACEAE)
Common Mugwort (Family : ASTERACEAE)
Common Polygala (Family : POLYGALACEAE)
Common Purple Mallow (Family : MALVACEAE)
Common Purslane (Family : PORTULACACEAE)
Common Rattan, Rattan (Family : ARECACEAE)
Common Rattle Pod (Family : FABACEAE)
Common small Justicia (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Common Sopubia (Family : SCROPHULARIACEAE)
Common Sorel (Family : OXALIDACEAE)
Common Sow Thistle (Family : ASTERACEAE)
Common Spurge (Family : EUPHORBIACEAE)
Common Tephrosia, Wild Indigo (Family : FABACEAE)
Common Tephrosia, Wild Indigo (Family : FABACEAE)
Congress Weed (Family : ASTERACEAE)
Copper Pod Tree (Family : FABACEAE)
Coral Jasmine (Family : OLEACEAE)
Coral seed Tree, Barricari seedTree, Circassian seed Tree, Redwood Tree (Family : FABACEAE)
Coriander (Family : APIACEAE)
Corky Coral Tree (Family : FABACEAE)
Cotton plant, Tree Cotton (Family : MALVACEAE)
Cotton Rose (Family : MALVACEAE)
Cotton tree (Family : MALVACEAE)
Country cinnamon (Family : LAURACEAE)
Country gooseberry (Family : SOLANACEAE)
Country Mallow (Family : MALVACEAE)
Cow pea (Family : FABACEAE)
Coyure Palm, Ruffle Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Crane Tree, Axlewood Tree (Family : COMBRETACEAE)
Creat (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Creeping Blepharis (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Creeping Cradle Plant (Family : COMMELINACEAE)
Creeping Creat (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Creeping Sebastiana (Family : EUPHORBIACEAE)
Crested Cat Ears (Family : COMMELINACEAE)
Crested Coelogyne (Family : ORCHIDACEAE)
Crimson Mountain Ebony (Family : FABACEAE)
Crocodile Bark tree, Black Murdah (Family : COMBRETACEAE)
Croton (Family : EUPHORBIACEAE)
Crow Fig, Mad Fig, Brahma's Fig (Family : MORACEAE)
Crown of Thorns (Family : EUPHORBIACEAE)
Cuban Royal Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Cuddapah Almond (Family : ANACARDIACEAE)
Cuddapah Almond, Calumpong nut (Family : ANACARDIACEAE)
Cumbi-gum Tree, Dekamella-gum gardenia (Family : RUBIACEAE)
Curled Aerides (Family : ORCHIDACEAE)
Curry Leaf Tree (Family : RUTACEAE)
Curtain plant (Family : ASTERACEAE)
Cushion Plant (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Custard Apple (Family : ANNONACEAE)
Cycas Tree, Crozier Cycas (Family : CYCADACEAE)
Dalhousie Blue Bells (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Dalzell's Asystasia, Violet Asystasia (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Date Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Day Jasmine (Family : SOLANACEAE)
Deccan Clematis (Family : RANUNCULACEAE)
Deccan Olive (Family : ELAEOCARPACEAE)
Deccan Senna (Family : FABACEAE)
Dense flower witch-weed (Family : SCROPHULARIACEAE)
Desert Date (Family : SIMAROUBACEAE)
Desert fan-palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Dev Koranti (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Devendra's Canscora (Family : GENTIANACEAE)
Devil's Backbone (Family : CRASSULACEAE)
Devil's Coach (Family : VERBENACEAE)
Devil's Goad (Family : EUPHORBIACEAE)
Devil's Horse Whip, Prickly Chaff Plant (Family : AMARANTHACEAE)
Dhaman (Family : TILIACEAE)
Dhub grass, Bermuda grass, Bahama grass, Conch grasss (Family : POACEAE)
Dinnerplate Tree (Family : STERCULIACEAE)
Divi divi (Family : FABACEAE)
Dodder (Family : CONVOLVULACEAE)
Downy Ground-fern (Family : DENNSTAEDTIACEAE)
Downy Jasmine (Family : OLEACEAE)
Dragon Stalk Yam (Family : ARACEAE)
Dragon's Eyes (Family : SAPINDACEAE)
Drop seed Grass (Family : POACEAE)
Drumstick Tree (Family : MORINGACEAE)
Dwarf Date Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Dwarf Heliotrope (Family : BORAGINACEAE)
Dwarf Red Hibiscus (Family : MALVACEAE)
Dwarf Senna (Family : FABACEAE)
East Indian Crab Grass (Family : POACEAE)
East Indian Globe Thistle (Family : ASTERACEAE)
East Indian Rosebay, Pinwheel flower (Family : APOCYNACEAE)
East Indian Rosewood, Black Rosewood (Family : FABACEAE)
East Indian Walnut, Siris Tree, Mother in-law's Tongue Pod (Family : FABACEAE)
East-Indian Root (Family : ARACEAE)
East-Indian Screw Tree (Family : STERCULIACEAE)
Easter Tree (Family : APOCYNACEAE)
Edible Hibiscus (Family : MALVACEAE)
Egyptian Day Glory (Family : CONVOLVULACEAE)
Egyptian Grass (Family : POACEAE)
Egyptian Starcluster (Family : RUBIACEAE)
Elastic Grass (Family : POACEAE)
Elephant Apple (Family : DILLENIACEAE)
Elephant Creeper (Family : CONVOLVULACEAE)
Elephant Ear Fig Tree (Family : MORACEAE)
Elephant foot Yam (Family : ARACEAE)
Elephant Grass (Family : TYPHACEAE)
Elephant Nettle (Family : RUTACEAE)
Elephant scratch wort (Family : FABACEAE)
Embelia (Family : MYRSINACEAE)
Emetic nut, Common Emetic nut (Family : RUBIACEAE)
Emetic Swallow Wort (Family : ASCLEPIADACEAE)
English morning glory, American Plant (Family : CONVOLVULACEAE)
Erect pricklypear (Family : CACTACEAE)
Eucalyptus (Family : MYRTACEAE)
Europen fan-palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
False Columba, Tree Turmeric (Family : MENISPERMACEAE)
False Pepper Tree, Brazilian Pepper Tree, Peppercorn Tree, Californian Pepper Tree, American Pepper, Pepper Tree, Peruvian Pepper Tree. (Family : ANACARDIACEAE)
False Sandalwood Tree (Family : OLACACEAE)
False Waterwillow (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Feather-leaved Cassia, Mimosa like-Senna (Family : FABACEAE)
Fennel (Family : APIACEAE)
Fern leaf Tree (Family : SAPINDACEAE)
Fern Palm Cycad, China Fern Palm, Sago Palm (Family : CYCADACEAE)
Fiddle wood (Family : VERBENACEAE)
Field Aster, Trailing Eclipta (Family : ASTERACEAE)
Fig Tree, Edible Fig Tree (Family : MORACEAE)
Fiji Fan-Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Fireball Lily (Family : AMARYLLIDACEAE)
Fish Berry, Crow Killer (Family : MENISPERMACEAE)
Fish poison tree, Marothi tree (Family : FLACOURTIACEAE)
Fish-Tail Palm, Solitary Toddy Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Flame Flower (Family : PORTULACACEAE)
Flame of the Forest (Family : FABACEAE)
Flattop Nille Grass (Family : RUBIACEAE)
Flax seeds (Family : LINACEAE)
Flowering Murdah (Family : COMBRETACEAE)
Fluffy Cat Ears (Family : COMMELINACEAE)
Foetid Cassia (Family : FABACEAE)
Foetid Passion Flower, Common Passion Flower (Family : PASSIFLORACEAE)
Foetid Senna (Family : FABACEAE)
Foreign White Sundra (Family : FABACEAE)
Forget-me-not, Indian Stinging Nettle (Family : EUPHORBIACEAE)
Formosa Palm, Taiwan Sugar Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Four- O' Clock plant (Family : NYCTAGINACEAE)
Fox tail Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Fox-tail Orchid (Family : ORCHIDACEAE)
Fragrant Acacia, Needle Bush (Family : FABACEAE)
Fragrant Cherry Nutmeg (Family : ANNONACEAE)
Fragrant Thunbergia (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Fringed Bulbophyllum (Family : ORCHIDACEAE)
Gamari, Gutel (Family : EUPHORBIACEAE)
Gambia Pea (Family : FABACEAE)
Ganges Primrose, Chinese Violet (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Garden Commelina (Family : COMMELINACEAE)
Garden cress, Water cress (Family : BRASSICACEAE)
Garden pea (Family : FABACEAE)
Garden Rue, Common Rue, Fringed Rue (Family : RUTACEAE)
Garden Silk-Weed (Family : ASCLEPIADACEAE)
Gaub Persimon, Indian Persimon, River Ebony (Family : EBENACEAE)
Gebang Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Ghat Crossberry (Family : TILIACEAE)
Ghost Flower (Family : OROBANCHACEAE)
Giant 'Potato' (Family : CONVOLVULACEAE)
Giant Cabuya (Family : AGAVACEAE)
Giant Milk-Weed, Giant Swallow wort Madar Plant (Family : ASCLEPIADACEAE)
Ginger (Family : ZINGIBERACEAE)
Ginger-rooted grass (Family : POACEAE)
Globe Amaranth (Family : AMARANTHACEAE)
Goanese ipecacuanha (Family : MELIACEAE)
Goat Weed (Family : ASTERACEAE)
Goat's foot creeper (Family : CONVOLVULACEAE)
Gold Cup Silver Plate (Family : ASTERACEAE)
Golden Bamboo (Family : POACEAE)
Golden Champak (Family : OCHNACEAE)
Golden Daisy (Family : ASTERACEAE)
Golden Dew Drop (Family : VERBENACEAE)
Golden Trumpet (Family : APOCYNACEAE)
Golden-Yellow Eulophia (Family : ORCHIDACEAE)
Governer's Plum, Madagascar Plum (Family : FLACOURTIACEAE)
Grahamis groundsel (Family : ASTERACEAE)
Grass Leaved Bladderwort (Family : LENTIBULARIACEAE)
Great morinda, Indian mulberry, noni, beach mulberry, cheese fruit (Family : RUBIACEAE)
Greater Cat Ears (Family : COMMELINACEAE)
Greater Galangal, Java Galangal (Family : ZINGIBERACEAE)
Greater yam, Asiatic yam (Family : DIOSCOREACEAE)
Green Gram (Family : FABACEAE)
Green Milk-Weed Climber (Family : ASCLEPIADACEAE)
Green Poinsettia (Family : EUPHORBIACEAE)
Grey Downy Balsam Tree (Family : BURSERACEAE)
Grey Milkwood, Sea Mango, Katasaali (H), Chandemara (K) (Family : APOCYNACEAE)
Ground-nut (Family : FABACEAE)
Guava Tree (Family : MYRTACEAE)
Guinea Grass (Family : POACEAE)
Gulf Sandmat (Family : EUPHORBIACEAE)
Gulmohur Tree, Flamboyant Flame Tree, Gold Mohar (Family : FABACEAE)
Gum Karaya (Family : STERCULIACEAE)
Guvar bean, Cluster bean (Family : FABACEAE)
Hackberry, Stinkwood (Family : ULMACEAE)
Hairy Bitter Cress (Family : BRASSICACEAE)
Hairy Cassia (Family : FABACEAE)
Hairy Indian Mallow (Family : MALVACEAE)
Hairy Sickle Pod, American Hairy Senna (Family : FABACEAE)
Hairy Xantolis (Family : SAPOTACEAE)
Haldu, Kadamba (Family : RUBIACEAE)
Hanging Lobster Claw (Family : HELICONIACEAE)
Heart-leaved Sida (Family : MALVACEAE)
Heartleaf Moonseed, Gulbel, Tinospora (Family : MENISPERMACEAE)
Heaven Tree (Family : SIMAROUBACEAE)
Hedge Glory (Family : CONVOLVULACEAE)
Hedge Glory, Pink morning Glory, Morning Glory (Family : CONVOLVULACEAE)
Helicopter Tree, Catamaran Wood Tree (Family : HERNANDIACEAEA)
Henna, Egyptian priven, Cypress shrub (Family : LYTHRACEAE)
Hill Glory Bower (Family : VERBENACEAE)
Hill Justicia (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Hill Mango (Family : BURSERACEAE)
Hill Mango (Family : BURSERACEAE)
Hill Mollugo (Family : AIZOACEAE)
Hill Pavetta (Family : RUBIACEAE)
Hill Rattle wort (Family : FABACEAE)
Hill Siris, White Siris (Family : FABACEAE)
Holly-leaved Acanthus (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Holy Basil, Sacred Basil (Family : LAMIACEAE)
Hondala (Family : PASSIFLORACEAE)
Honduras Mahogany (Family : MELIACEAE)
Honey Sweet Tree (Family : SABIACEAE)
Honey-Fruit Tree, Bastard Cedar, West-Indian Elm (Family : STERCULIACEAE)
Hoop Pine (Family : ARAUCARIACEAE)
Hopehead, Iksura, Box-Leaved Barleria (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Hornwort (Family : CERATOPHYLLACEAE)
Horse gram (Family : FABACEAE)
Hummingbird Bush, Scarlet Bush, Fire Bush (Family : RUBIACEAE)
Hurricane Palm, Princess Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Hyacinth bean (Family : FABACEAE)
Indian Acalypha (Family : EUPHORBIACEAE)
Indian Almond Tree (Family : COMBRETACEAE)
Indian Amulet Tree, Putranjiva (Family : EUPHORBIACEAE)
Indian Ash, Red or Pink Cedar, Single Tree (Family : FABACEAE)
Indian balm of gilead (Family : BURSERACEAE)
Indian Birthwort (Family : ARISTOLOCHIACEAE)
Indian Blackberry, Black Plum, Jambolan (Family : MYRTACEAE)
Indian Borage (Family : BORAGINACEAE)
Indian Borage, Country Borage (Family : LAMIACEAE)
Indian Bow-string-Hemp (Family : AGAVACEAE)
Indian Boxwood (Family : RUBIACEAE)
Indian Cassine (Family : CELASTRACEAE)
Indian Catmint (Family : LAMIACEAE)
Indian Cherry (Family : BORAGINACEAE)
Indian Copal Tree, White dammer, Piney Varnish (Family : DIPTEROCARPACEAE)
Indian Coral Tree (Family : FABACEAE)
Indian cork tree (Family : BIGNONIACEAE)
Indian Corn, Maize Corn (Family : POACEAE)
Indian crocus (Family : ZINGIBERACEAE)
Indian Elm (Family : FABACEAE)
Indian Forget-me-Not (Family : BORAGINACEAE)
Indian Gooseberry (Family : EUPHORBIACEAE)
Indian Gutta Percha (Family : SAPOTACEAE)
Indian Headache Tree (Family : VERBENACEAE)
Indian Heliotrop, Indian Turnsole (Family : BORAGINACEAE)
Indian Hemp (Family : CANNABACEAE)
Indian Hog-Plum, Wild Mango (Family : ANACARDIACEAE)
Indian jalap (Family : CONVOLVULACEAE)
Indian Kanchan (Family : FABACEAE)
Indian Kino Tree, Malabara Kino Tree (Family : FABACEAE)
Indian Laburnum, Golden Shower, Purging fistula (Family : FABACEAE)
Indian Liquorice (Family : FABACEAE)
Indian Lotus Croton (Family : EUPHORBIACEAE)
Indian Madder (Family : RUBIACEAE)
Indian Madder (Family : RUBIACEAE)
Indian Mahogany (Family : MELIACEAE)
Indian Mallow (Family : MALVACEAE)
Indian Marking Nut Tree, Oriental Cashew Nut, Dhobi Nut Tree (Family : ANACARDIACEAE)
Indian Medlar, Bullet wood Tree (Family : SAPOTACEAE)
Indian Millet, Fox-tail Millet (Family : POACEAE)
Indian Oak (Family : LECYTHIDACEAE)
Indian Olibanum Tree, Indian Frankincense (Family : BURSERACEAE)
Indian Penny wort (Family : APIACEAE)
Indian Periwinkle (Family : APOCYNACEAE)
Indian Persea (Family : LAURACEAE)
Indian Prickly Ash (Family : RUTACEAE)
Indian Red wood, Chittagong wood Tree (Family : MELIACEAE)
Indian Rock Fig (Family : MORACEAE)
Indian Rubber Tree (Family : MORACEAE)
Indian Sarasaparilla (Family : ASCLEPIADACEAE)
Indian Satin wood Tree (Family : RUTACEAE)
Indian Shot, Indian Bread-Shot (Family : CANNACEAE)
Indian snake root (Family : RUBIACEAE)
Indian Snakeroot, Rauvolfia root, Serpentine wood (Family : APOCYNACEAE)
Indian Telegraph Plant (Family : FABACEAE)
Indian Tolypanthus (Family : LORANTHACEAE)
Indian Willow (Family : SALICACEAE)
Indian winter Green (Family : ERICACEAE)
Indian Wormwood, Mugwort (Family : ASTERACEAE)
Insulin Plant (Family : COSTACEAE)
Iron wood of Malabar (Family : DIPTEROCARPACEAE)
Iron-wood Tree (Family : CLUSIACEAE)
Iron-wood tree (Family : MELASTOMATACEAE)
Iron-wood tree (Family : MELASTOMATACEAE)
Italian Cypress (Family : CUPRESSACEAE)
Italian Senna (Family : FABACEAE)
Ivory crownshaft Palm, Wild Betel nut (Family : ARECACEAE)
Ivy Gourd (Family : CUCURBITACEAE)
Jack Fruit Tree (Family : MORACEAE)
Jackal Jujube, Indian Plum (Family : RHAMNACEAE)
Jamaican Thatch Palm, Mountain Thatch Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Japanese Barnyard Millet (Family : POACEAE)
Japanese Honeysuckle (Family : CAPRIFOLIACEAE)
Java Apple (Family : MYRTACEAE)
Java Cassia, Pink Cassia (Family : FABACEAE)
Java Indigo (Family : FABACEAE)
Java Olive, Indian 'Almond' (Family : STERCULIACEAE)
Jerusalem's Thorn (Family : FABACEAE)
Job's tears (Family : POACEAE)
Jointed Button weed (Family : RUBIACEAE)
Joseph's Coat (Family : AMARANTHACEAE)
Joy Weed (Family : AMARANTHACEAE)
Jungle Cork Tree, Indian Elm (Family : ULMACEAE)
Jungle Marking nut (Family : ANACARDIACEAE)
Jungle Rice (Family : POACEAE)
Jute (Family : TILIACEAE)
Kadamb Tree (Family : RUBIACEAE)
Kamala Tree (Family : EUPHORBIACEAE)
Kangaroo Grass (Family : POACEAE)
Kapok Tree, White Silk Cotton Tree (Family : BOMBACACEAE)
Karvi (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Khaki Weed (Family : AMARANTHACEAE)
King of Bitters (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Klein's Dwarf Senna (Family : FABACEAE)
Kyasuma Grass (Family : POACEAE)
Lady Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Lady's finger (Family : MALVACEAE)
Lady's Slipper Orchid (Family : ORCHIDACEAE)
Lamb Koranti, White long-flowered nail-dye (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Lampatti (Family : SONNERATIACEAE)
Lance Wood Tree (Family : STERCULIACEAE)
Lantani (Family : APOCYNACEAE)
Large-flowered Thunbergia (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Lark Daisy (Family : ASTERACEAE)
Laurel Fig (Family : MORACEAE)
Law's Barleria (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Leaf Pondweed (Family : PONTEDERIACEAE)
Lemon Basil (Family : LAMIACEAE)
Lemon grass, West-Indian Lemon grass (Family : POACEAE)
Lemon Yellow Rose Mallow (Family : MALVACEAE)
Leopard Flower (Family : IRIDACEAE)
Lesser Balsam (Family : BALSAMINACEAE)
Lilac Tasselflower (Family : LYTHRACEAE)
Lily Tree, Magnolia, Large - flowered Magnolia, Southern Magnolia (Family : MAGNOLIACEAE)
Lime (Family : RUTACEAE)
Lipstick Tree, Butter-seed Tree, Arnatto Tree (Family : BIXACEAE)
Little Glory (Family : COMMELINACEAE)
Little Glory (Family : CONVOLVULACEAE)
Little Tree Plant, Sensitive plant (Family : OXALIDACEAE)
Lobed leaf Mallow (Family : MALVACEAE)
Lollipop Climber (Family : CUCURBITACEAE)
Long Pepper (Family : PIPERACEAE)
Long-leaved Barleria (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Long-leaved Mistletoe (Family : LORANTHACEAE)
Long-leaved Polygala (Family : POLYGALACEAE)
Looking Glass Tree (Family : STERCULIACEAE)
Loquat Tree (Family : ROSACEAE)
Lunu-ankenda (Family : RUTACEAE)
Mac Arthur Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Madle (Family : MYRTACEAE)
Madras Pea Pumpkin (Family : CUCURBITACEAE)
Magenta Plant (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Mal Karvy (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Malabar Catmint (Family : LAMIACEAE)
Malabar Gamboge (Family : CLUSIACEAE)
Malabar Glory Lily (Family : LILIACEAE)
Malabar Mahogany (Family : FABACEAE)
Malabar Mountain Ebony (Family : FABACEAE)
Malabar nut (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Malay Apple (Family : MYRTACEAE)
Male Bamboo (Family : POACEAE)
Mallow raisin, Mallow-leaved crossberry (Family : TILIACEAE)
Maloo Creeper (Family : FABACEAE)
Mangium Tree (Family : FABACEAE)
Mango Ginger (Family : ZINGIBERACEAE)
Mango Tree (Family : ANACARDIACEAE)
Mangosteen Fruit (Family : CLUSIACEAE)
Manila Palm, Christmas Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Manila Tamarind (Family : FABACEAE)
Marigold (Family : ASTERACEAE)
Marsh Primrose (Family : ONAGRACEAE)
Mast Tree (Family : ANNONACEAE)
Medick Rattlepod, Trefoil Rattlepod (Family : FABACEAE)
Memory plant, Thyme-leaved grateola (Family : SCROPHULARIACEAE)
Metallic Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Mexican Linaloe Tree, Tree of Fragrance, Linaloe Berry (Family : BURSERACEAE)
Mexican Poppy, Prickly Poppy (Family : PAPAVERACEAE)
Mexican Tea (Family : CHENOPODIACEAE)
Mexican Viper (Family : SCROPHULARIACEAE)
Milk hedge (Family : EUPHORBIACEAE)
Milky Way Tree, Pala Indigo Plant (Family : APOCYNACEAE)
Mission Grass (Family : POACEAE)
Monarch Rose Mallow (Family : MALVACEAE)
Money Plant (Family : ARACEAE)
Moon Plant, Moon Creeper (Family : ASCLEPIADACEAE)
Moonflower (Family : CONVOLVULACEAE)
Morning Glory, Gazelle's cotton (Family : CONVOLVULACEAE)
Moth Orchid (Family : ORCHIDACEAE)
Mountain Barleria (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Mountain Ebony (Family : FABACEAE)
Mountain Persimmon (Family : EBENACEAE)
Mountain Persimmon (Family : EBENACEAE)
Mourning Cypress (Family : CUPRESSACEAE)
Mulberry (Family : MORACEAE)
Musk Mallow (Family : MALVACEAE)
Musk Melon (Family : CUCURBITACEAE)
Mustard, Common Indian Mustard (Family : BRASSICACEAE)
Mysore Fig (Family : MORACEAE)
Mysore Gamboge (Family : CLUSIACEAE)
Mysore panicled Indigo (Family : FABACEAE)
Mysore thorn (Family : FABACEAE)
Nagkuda (Family : APOCYNACEAE)
Naked Stem Carpetweed (Family : AIZOACEAE)
Napier grass, Elephant grass (Family : POACEAE)
Natal Grass (Family : POACEAE)
Necklase-berried Caper (Family : CAPPARACEAE)
Needle flower Jasmine (Family : OLEACEAE)
Neem Tree (Family : MELIACEAE)
Nepal Geranium, Nepalese Crane's-bill (Family : GERANIACEAE)
Nepal Tree (Family : SANTALACEAE)
Nicobar Majestic Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Night Jasmine (Family : SOLANACEAE)
Nilgiri Ivory Wood (Family : BORAGINACEAE)
Nilgiris Wildflower (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Niligiri Elm (Family : ULMACEAE)
Noni Tree (Family : RUBIACEAE)
Norfolk Island Pine (Family : ARAUCARIACEAE)
North Indian Rosewood (Family : FABACEAE)
Not common. Grows in forests of Western Ghats. (Family : RHAMNACEAE)
Nut Grass (Family : CYPERACEAE)
Nutmeg Tree (Family : MYRISTICACEAE)
Oblong-leaved Snake Herb (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Obtuse-leaved mimusops (Family : SAPOTACEAE)
Odollum Tree, Dog-bane (Family : APOCYNACEAE)
Oil Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Oil-cake Tree (Family : FABACEAE)
Old Gold flat Sedge (Family : CYPERACEAE)
Oleander (Family : APOCYNACEAE)
Oliver (Family : ASTERACEAE)
One-leaf Senna (Family : FABACEAE)
Orange brasiletto climber, Candy Corn Plant (Family : FABACEAE)
Orange Climber (Family : RUTACEAE)
Orange Climber (Family : RUTACEAE)
Orange Climber, Forest Pepper, Wild orange tree (Family : RUTACEAE)
Orange Jasmine (Family : RUTACEAE)
Orange pumpkin, Summer Squash (Family : CUCURBITACEAE)
Orange Spade Flower, Spade Flower, Pink Ladies Slipper (Family : VIOLACEAE)
Orange Tephrosia (Family : FABACEAE)
Oriental Arbor-vitae (Family : CUPRESSACEAE)
Oval-Leaf Fan-Petals (Family : MALVACEAE)
Oval-leaved wheel creeper (Family : COMBRETACEAE)
Paddy, Common Rice, Rice (Family : POACEAE)
Pagoda Tree, Red Frangipini (Family : APOCYNACEAE)
Palymra Palm, Thoddy Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Panacea Twiner, Emetic Swallow-wort (Family : ASCLEPIADACEAE)
Panki (Family : RUBIACEAE)
Papaya Tree (Family : CARICACEAE)
Parakeet flower, Parrot flower (Family : HELICONIACEAE)
Parasite Honey suckle (Family : LORANTHACEAE)
Passion fruit, Juice fruit (Family : PASSIFLORACEAE)
Pata Root (Family : MENISPERMACEAE)
Patchouli (Family : LAMIACEAE)
Peacock Chaste Tree, Tail Chaste Tree, Peacock's foot tree (Family : VERBENACEAE)
Peacock Flower (Family : FABACEAE)
Pearl Millet (Family : POACEAE)
Peepal Tree, Sacred Fig (Family : MORACEAE)
Periploca of the woods (Family : ASCLEPIADACEAE)
Periwinkle (Family : APOCYNACEAE)
Persian Lilac (Family : MELIACEAE)
Persian Mallow (Family : MALVACEAE)
Persian Silk Tree (Family : FABACEAE)
Phalsa (Family : TILIACEAE)
Phattar-Suva (Family : ASTERACEAE)
Pigeon Pea, Congo Pea, Red gram (Family : FABACEAE)
Pigeon Wood, Oriental Nettle (Family : ULMACEAE)
Pineapple plant (Family : BROMELIACEAE)
Pink Barleria (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Pink Blumea (Family : ASTERACEAE)
Pink Emilia (Family : ASTERACEAE)
Pithraj Tree, Rohituka Tree (Family : MELIACEAE)
Plantain, Banana (Family : MUSACEAE)
Pointed-Leaved Hogweed (Family : NYCTAGINACEAE)
Poison bulb (Family : LILIACEAE)
Poison nut Tree, Quaker Button, Nux-vomica Tree, Snakewood Tree (Family : LOGANIACEAE)
Polished Maidenhair (Family : PTERIDACEAE)
Polpola (Family : AMARANTHACEAE)
Pomegranate (Family : PUNICACEAE)
Pomegranate Honey suckle (Family : LORANTHACEAE)
Pomello (Family : RUTACEAE)
Popcorn Bush Cedar (Family : FABACEAE)
Porcupine Flower (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Porcupine flower Barleria (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Portia Tree (Family : MALVACEAE)
Portuguese Cypress (Family : CUPRESSACEAE)
Powder-puff Plant (Family : FABACEAE)
Pretty Morning Glory (Family : CONVOLVULACEAE)
Prickly leaved Elephant's foot (Family : ASTERACEAE)
Prickly Palm, Kawmaka (Family : ARECACEAE)
Prickly Pear (Family : CACTACEAE)
Prickly Sida (Family : MALVACEAE)
Pride of India (Family : LYTHRACEAE)
Pride of the Cape (Family : FABACEAE)
Primrose Willow (Family : ONAGRACEAE)
Princess vine (Family : CONVOLVULACEAE)
Puncture Vine, Land Caltrops (Family : ZYGOPHYLLACEAE)
Purging nut, Physic nut (Family : EUPHORBIACEAE)
Purple Fleabane (Family : ASTERACEAE)
Purple lippia (Family : VERBENACEAE)
Purple Orchid Tree, Purple Bauhinia (Family : FABACEAE)
Purple witch (Family : SCROPHULARIACEAE)
Pygmy Date Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Quamoclit pinnata, American bell flower (Family : CONVOLVULACEAE)
Quarrelsome Tree (Family : EBENACEAE)
Queen Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Queensland Kauri (Family : ARAUCARIACEAE)
Quickstick Tree (Family : FABACEAE)
Quillworts (Family : ISOETACEAE)
Rabbit Bells (Family : FABACEAE)
Racemed fish-bone Tree (Family : DILLENIACEAE)
Raffled Fan-Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Ragged Mallow (Family : MALVACEAE)
Ragi, Finger millet, African millet (Family : POACEAE)
Rai Jamun (Family : MYRTACEAE)
Railway Creeper (Family : CONVOLVULACEAE)
Railway Creeper (Family : POLYGONACEAE)
Rain Lily, Zephyr Lily (Family : AMARYLLIDACEAE)
Rain Tree (Family : FABACEAE)
Rambutan (Family : SAPINDACEAE)
Ramdhan Champa (Family : OCHNACEAE)
Ramdhan Champa (Family : OCHNACEAE)
Ran Aboli (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Ravanna's Moustache (Family : POACEAE)
Ray-fern (Family : PTERIDACEAE)
Red Barleria, Coral Creeper (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Red Cassia, Red Indian Laburnum (Family : FABACEAE)
Red Cutch (Family : FABACEAE)
Red flag bush (Family : RUBIACEAE)
Red Ixora, Jungle 'Geranium', Flame of the woods, Sacred Ixora (Family : RUBIACEAE)
Red Latan Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Red Pepper, Spanish pepper, Chillia (Family : SOLANACEAE)
Red Sage (Family : LAMIACEAE)
Red Sandalwood (Family : FABACEAE)
Red Sealing-wax Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Red Star Glory (Family : CONVOLVULACEAE)
Red WaterLily (Family : NYMPHAEACEAE)
Redflower Rageleaf (Family : ASTERACEAE)
Rhomb-leaved Poon (Family : CLUSIACEAE)
Ribbed gourd (Family : CUCURBITACEAE)
Ribbon plant, Lucky Bamboo (Family : AGAVACEAE)
River Mangrove, Black Mangrove (Family : MYRSINACEAE)
Robusta coffee plant (Family : RUBIACEAE)
Rocket Larkspur (Family : RANUNCULACEAE)
Rose Apple (Family : MYRTACEAE)
Rose moss (Family : PORTULACACEAE)
Rose Sandalwood, Indian Wild Olive (Family : OLEACEAE)
Rosha grass, Rusa grass (Family : POACEAE)
Rosy flowered Leadwort, Fire plant (Family : PLUMBAGINACEAE)
Rosy trumpet (Family : BIGNONIACEAE)
Rough Maidenhair Fern, Five-fingered Jack, Rosy Australian Maidenhair Fern (Family : PTERIDACEAE)
Rough-barked Arizona Cypress (Family : CUPRESSACEAE)
Round-leaf Cassia. (Family : FABACEAE)
Round-Leaf Fan-Palm, Table Palm, Foot Stool Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Round-leaved Portulaca, Horse Purslane (Family : AIZOACEAE)
Roxbourgh's Kydia (Family : MALVACEAE)
Rozelle, Red Sorrel (Family : MALVACEAE)
Rusty Mimosa (Family : FABACEAE)
Sabal Palm, Palmetto Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Sack Tree (Family : MORACEAE)
Sacred Barna, Galric Pear (Family : CAPPARACEAE)
Sacred Lotus (Family : NELUMBONACEAE)
Sacrificial grass (Family : POACEAE)
Sagisa Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Salak (Family : ARECACEAE)
Salt Bush, Toothbrush Tree (Family : SALVADORACEAE)
Sand Paper Tree (Family : MORACEAE)
Sandal Neem, Toon Tree, Red Cedar (Family : MELIACEAE)
Sandalwood Tree (Family : SANTALACEAE)
Sandan (Family : FABACEAE)
Sanegal Date Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Sanjappa's Canscora (Family : GENTIANACEAE)
sapodilla (Family : SAPOTACEAE)
Sawa Grass (Family : POACEAE)
Scalloped Hemigraphis (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Scaped Sonerila (Family : MELASTOMATACEAE)
Scarlet Clock Vine (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Scarlet Sterculia, Colored Sterculia (Family : STERCULIACEAE)
Scented Ylang-Ylang (Family : ANNONACEAE)
Scholar Tree, Devil Tree, Shaitaanwood Tree (Family : APOCYNACEAE)
Scorpion Ticktrefoil (Family : FABACEAE)
Screw pine (Family : PANDANACEAE)
Sea Moonflower Glory (Family : CONVOLVULACEAE)
Seaside Indian oak (Family : LECYTHIDACEAE)
See siam, Hooker's Fishtail Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Sensitive water plant (Family : FABACEAE)
Sesame, Gingelly Oil (Family : PEDALIACEAE)
Shaggy Garden Purslane (Family : PORTULACACEAE)
Shaggy wild Indigo (Family : FABACEAE)
She-Oak, Casuarine Wood Tree, Casuarina, Beef wood (Family : CASURINACEAE)
Sheperd's Clock (Family : PRIMULACEAE)
Shoe flower, China rose (Family : MALVACEAE)
Shoo-Fly Plant (Family : SOLANACEAE)
Siala (Family : BIGNONIACEAE)
Siamese Roughbush (Family : MORACEAE)
Siamese Tree Senna (Family : FABACEAE)
Sickel Bush, Bell mimosa (Family : FABACEAE)
Silk Cotton Tree, Malabar Semul (Family : BOMBACACEAE)
Silky Indigo (Family : FABACEAE)
Silver Oak, Australian Silver Oak (Family : PROTEACEAE)
Silver Wattle (Family : FABACEAE)
Silverback Fern (Family : PTERIDACEAE)
Silverback Fern (Family : PTERIDACEAE)
Silverspiked Cock's Comb (Family : AMARANTHACEAE)
Sisal Hemp (Family : AGAVACEAE)
Sky blue karvy (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Skyblue cluster vine (Family : CONVOLVULACEAE)
Slender Dog-Bane (Family : APOCYNACEAE)
Slender goldshower, Thriallis (Family : MALPIGHIACEAE)
Slipper Orchid (Family : ORCHIDACEAE)
Small flowered Crape Myrtle (Family : LYTHRACEAE)
Small flowered Ixora (Family : RUBIACEAE)
Small Passion Flower (Family : PASSIFLORACEAE)
Small pricky chaff-flower plant (Family : AMARANTHACEAE)
Small-Flowered Kohautia (Family : RUBIACEAE)
Small-leaved Ebony (Family : EBENACEAE)
Smoker Bush (Family : BUDDLEJACEAE)
Smooth Filmy Fern (Family : HYMENOPHYLLACEAE)
Smooth Gymnostachyum (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Smooth Joy Weed (Family : AMARANTHACEAE)
Snake Gourd (Family : CUCURBITACEAE)
Snake Herb (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Snake plant, Mother-in-law's tongue (Family : AGAVACEAE)
Sneeze Wort (Family : ASTERACEAE)
Snowball Flower (Family : POLYGONACEAE)
Soap-Nut Acacia, Washing Pod Tree (Family : FABACEAE)
Soapnut Tree (Family : SAPINDACEAE)
Soft Fig (Family : MORACEAE)
Sola pith plant (Family : FABACEAE)
Solitaire Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Soursop (Family : ANNONACEAE)
Spanish Cedar (Family : MELIACEAE)
Spanish Jasmine (Family : OLEACEAE)
Sparrow Calabash, skunkvine, stinkvine, or Chinese fever vine (Family : RUBIACEAE)
Sparrow false pimpernel (Family : SCROPHULARIACEAE)
Spathe Trumpet Tree (Family : BIGNONIACEAE)
Spider Flower (Family : CAPPARACEAE)
Spider Lily (Family : AMARYLLIDACEAE)
Spider Orchid (Family : ORCHIDACEAE)
Spindle Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Spindle Pod (Family : CAPPARACEAE)
Spindle Tree (Family : CELASTRACEAE)
Spinous Cape Jasmine (Family : RUBIACEAE)
Spinous Fluggea (Family : EUPHORBIACEAE)
Spinous Kino Tree (Family : EUPHORBIACEAE)
Spiny Amaranth (Family : AMARANTHACEAE)
Spiny Barleria (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Spiny bottle brush (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Spiny Lepidagathis (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Spiral 'Ginger' (Family : COSTACEAE)
Sponge Gourd (Family : CUCURBITACEAE)
Spot-me Flowers (Family : ASTERACEAE)
Spotted White Fig (Family : MORACEAE)
Staff Tree (Family : CELASTRACEAE)
Star Apple (Family : SAPOTACEAE)
Star Gooseberry (Family : EUPHORBIACEAE)
Star Leucas (Family : LAMIACEAE)
Star Sedge (Family : CYPERACEAE)
Starf ruit (Family : OXALIDACEAE)
Stevensonia Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Sticky daisy, Club wort (Family : ASTERACEAE)
Sticky pod weed (Family : FABACEAE)
Stipulate Siris (Family : FABACEAE)
SubaBool (Family : FABACEAE)
Sugar Cane, Noble cane (Family : POACEAE)
Sulphur Cosmos (Family : ASTERACEAE)
Sulphur flowered Senna (Family : FABACEAE)
Sunn Hemp; Bombay Hemp (Family : FABACEAE)
Swamp Fan-Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Swamp weed (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Sweet Broom wort (Family : SCROPHULARIACEAE)
Sweet Clock Vine (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Sweet Flag (Family : ARACEAE)
Sweet potato (Family : CONVOLVULACEAE)
Sweet Sarah, Lantana, Wild Sage (Family : VERBENACEAE)
Sword Bean, Jack bean, Broad Bean, Patagonian Bean (Family : FABACEAE)
Tail Pepper; Cubebs (Family : PIPERACEAE)
Tail-leaved croton (Family : EUPHORBIACEAE)
Talipot Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Tamarind Tree (Family : FABACEAE)
Tangle-head Grass, Black-Spear Grass (Family : POACEAE)
Tanner's Cassia, Eared Senna (Family : FABACEAE)
Tapioca, Cassava (Family : EUPHORBIACEAE)
Taro, Cocoyam (Family : ARACEAE)
Teak Wood Tree (Family : VERBENACEAE)
Teddy Bear Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Teff Grass (Family : POACEAE)
Temple tree (Family : APOCYNACEAE)
Tex-Mex Tobacco (Family : SOLANACEAE)
Thailand Orchid (Family : ORCHIDACEAE)
Thatch grass, Wild Sugarcane (Family : POACEAE)
The 'Potato' Plum of Mysore (Family : FLACOURTIACEAE)
The Dawn-flower (Family : CONVOLVULACEAE)
The Himalayan Cypress (Family : CUPRESSACEAE)
The Lesser Glory (Family : CONVOLVULACEAE)
The Mysore Thunbergia, Mysore Clock Vine (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
The Nerved Coelogyne (Family : ORCHIDACEAE)
The Oyster Bay Pine (Family : CUPRESSACEAE)
The Pear Tree (Family : ROSACEAE)
The Poon-spar, Poon Tree (Family : CLUSIACEAE)
The Potato Creeper (Family : SOLANACEAE)
The Rangoon creeper (Family : COMBRETACEAE)
The sweet-scented Plantain Orchid (Family : ORCHIDACEAE)
The White Silk Cotton Tree (Family : BOMBACACEAE)
The Yew (Family : TAXACEAE)
Thorny Bamboo (Family : POACEAE)
Thorny Staff Tree (Family : CELASTRACEAE)
Three Flowered Ticktrefoil (Family : FABACEAE)
Three lobed False Mallow (Family : MALVACEAE)
Three Locule Corchorus (Family : TILIACEAE)
Three-leaved Caper (Family : CAPPARACEAE)
Three-leaved Chaste Tree (Family : VERBENACEAE)
Three-leaved Indigofera (Family : FABACEAE)
Three-needled Pinus (Family : PINACEAE)
Three-nerved Squirrel Tail (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Tick trefoil (Family : FABACEAE)
Tiger's foot creeper (Family : CONVOLVULACEAE)
Timor Senna (Family : FABACEAE)
Tinnavale Senna, Indian Senna (Family : FABACEAE)
Tiny Dendrobium (Family : ORCHIDACEAE)
Tipan (Family : SAPINDACEAE)
Tobacco Plant (Family : SOLANACEAE)
Tomato (Family : SOLANACEAE)
Tomtomon (Family : APIACEAE)
Toothache Plant (Family : ASTERACEAE)
Toothache Plant (Family : ASTERACEAE)
Torch Ginger (Family : ZINGIBERACEAE)
Touch-me-not (Family : FABACEAE)
Traveller's Palm (Family : STRELITZIACEAE)
Tree Antigonon (Family : STERCULIACEAE)
Tree Jasmine (Family : OLEACEAE)
Tree Mallow, Yellow Mallow Tree (Family : MALVACEAE)
Trellis Vine (Family : ASCLEPIADACEAE)
Trencilla (Family : FABACEAE)
Triandra Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Triangle Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Triangular spruge (Family : EUPHORBIACEAE)
Trigger Plant (Family : STYLIDIACEAE)
Trincomalee Wood, Halmilla Tree (Family : TILIACEAE)
Tropical Chickweed (Family : CARYOPHYLLACEAE)
Tropical GirdlePod (Family : RUBIACEAE)
True Aloe, Indian Aloe (Family : LILIACEAE)
True Cinnamon Tree (Family : LAURACEAE)
True Kadamb, Kaim, Corn Snapdragon Tree (Family : RUBIACEAE)
Tuberous Honey Suckle (Family : FABACEAE)
Tudgenasu (K) (Family : LAURACEAE)
Turkey Berry (Family : SOLANACEAE)
Turmeric Ginger (Family : ZINGIBERACEAE)
Twisted Acacia (Family : FABACEAE)
Two-needled Pine (Family : PINACEAE)
Umbrella Plant (Family : CYPERACEAE)
Umbrella Sedge (Family : CYPERACEAE)
Umbrella Thorn Babool (Family : FABACEAE)
Unifoliate Rattle wort (Family : FABACEAE)
Upright Thunbergia (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Vegetable Humming bird (Family : FABACEAE)
Velvet Bean, Common Cow Itch (Family : FABACEAE)
Velvet Beauty Berry (Family : VERBENACEAE)
Velvet Leaf Climber (Family : MENISPERMACEAE)
Velvetymelon feather foil (Family : EUPHORBIACEAE)
Vetiver, Khas (Family : POACEAE)
Viper Grass (Family : POACEAE)
Walsura Tree (Family : MELIACEAE)
Water Chest nut, Singhara nut, Water Caltrops (Family : TRAPACEAE)
Water Hyacinth (Family : PONTEDERIACEAE)
Water melon (Family : CUCURBITACEAE)
Water Primrose (Family : ONAGRACEAE)
Wax Mallow (Family : MALVACEAE)
Wax-leaved Climber (Family : ASCLEPIADACEAE)
Way side Tuberose (Family : ACANTHACEAE)
Weaver's Beam Tree (Family : OLEACEAE)
Weeping Mary, Coral plant (Family : SCROPHULARIACEAE)
West Indian cock's spur (Family : NYCTAGINACEAE)
West Indian Mahogany (Family : MELIACEAE)
Western Hill Cat-mint (Family : LAMIACEAE)
Whiskered Spider Flower (Family : CAPPARACEAE)
White 'Orchid' Tree, Dwarf White Bauhinia (Family : FABACEAE)
White Babool, White-Barked Acacia (Family : FABACEAE)
White brasiletto climber, Camp Siege (Family : FABACEAE)
White Catamaran Tree (Family : EUPHORBIACEAE)
White Champak (Family : MAGNOLIACEAE)
White Cutch (Family : FABACEAE)
White Flowered Resin Seed (Family : PITTOSPORACEAE)
White Goose foot (Family : CHENOPODIACEAE)
White Gulmohar (Family : FABACEAE)
White Lotus (Family : NYMPHAEACEAE)
White Mangrove (Family : VERBENACEAE)
White Meranti, Talura lac Tree, Sal Tree, Salwood (Family : DIPTEROCARPACEAE)
White Mulberry (Family : MORACEAE)
White Murdah, Arjun Tree (Family : COMBRETACEAE)
White Mussaenda (Family : RUBIACEAE)
White Mustard (Family : BRASSICACEAE)
White Palle (Family : SIMAROUBACEAE)
White Plumbago, Lead wort (Family : PLUMBAGINACEAE)
White Sweet Clover (Family : FABACEAE)
White Teak (Family : VERBENACEAE)
White Teak, Coomb Teak (Family : VERBENACEAE)
Whitehead spike Sedge (Family : CYPERACEAE)
WhiteWort (Family : LAMIACEAE)
Wight's Sago Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Wil Snake Gourd, Bitter Snake Gourd (Family : CUCURBITACEAE)
Wild Aphania (Family : SAPINDACEAE)
Wild Basil (Family : LAMIACEAE)
Wild Black Gram (Family : FABACEAE)
Wild Cowrie Fruit (Family : FLACOURTIACEAE)
Wild Date Palm (Family : ARECACEAE)
Wild Ginger (Family : ZINGIBERACEAE)
Wild Gooseberry (Family : EUPHORBIACEAE)
Wild Grape (Family : VITACEAE)
Wild Himalayan Cherry (Family : ROSACEAE)
Wild Indigo (Family : FABACEAE)
Wild Jack Tree (Family : MORACEAE)
Wild Jasmine (Family : OLEACEAE)
Wild Lime (Family : RUTACEAE)
Wild Nutmeg (Family : MYRISTICACEAE)
Wild Plantain (Family : MUSACEAE)
Wild Red Gram (Family : FABACEAE)
Wild Snake Root (Family : APOCYNACEAE)
Wild Sword Bean (Family : FABACEAE)
Wild Turmeric, Cochin Turmeric, Yellow Zedoary (Family : ZINGIBERACEAE)
Wild-dog Mustard, Sticky Cleome (Family : CAPPARACEAE)
Wind-berry (Family : MYRSINACEAE)
Wing-stemmed Rattled wort (Family : FABACEAE)
Winged bean (Family : FABACEAE)
Winter Cherry (Family : SOLANACEAE)
Wiry Indigo (Family : FABACEAE)
Wodier, Jhingam (Family : ANACARDIACEAE)
Wood Apple (Family : RUTACEAE)
Wood rose (Family : CONVOLVULACEAE)
Woodrow's Grape Tree (Family : VITACEAE)
Wooly-leaved Fire Brand Teak (Family : VERBENACEAE)
Yellow Bells (Family : BIGNONIACEAE)
Yellow Groundstar (Family : LILIACEAE)
Yellow Mouse-whiskers (Family : CAPPARACEAE)
Yellow Oleander (Family : APOCYNACEAE)
Yellow Silk Cotton Tree, Golden Silk Cotton Tree, Buttercup Tree (Family : BIXACEAE)
Yellow-barked Fig (Family : MORACEAE)
Yellow-berried Nightshade (Family : SOLANACEAE)